Benefits of Being a Registered Member

By: Walter Whitman (Adminstrator) on February 20, 2020

You have a choice

The Coder's Lair does not require you to become a member just to use our site. As a guest, you are free to explore many spaces and posts in those spaces.


Social Media Benefits

However, the Coder's Lair is more than just a mundane informational site. When you become a member of the Coder's Lair, by registering, you are provided with:

  • Your very own personal profile space where you are give a profile stream for people to write to, your very own mini-wiki page, your own file and photo gallery, and so much more
  • The Coder's Lair offers a chatbox messenger, similar to Facebook's, where you can not only chat directly with friends, but can send the direct files.
  • You gain the ability to create as many spaces as you like, to help you categorize projects and ideas, and you can share it with just friends or the entire site. Your choice.